You have found me. Well done.


Sit down. Let me take a good look at you.

Very well. You look naughty enough.

So you just might be worthy of me.

And NOW, pay attention.

This is where you learn what awaits you...


I will get your imagination quivering with pleasure and your senses yearning for more indulgence with each hungry breath you take. With the sweet agony tingling inside of you, I will guide you to the deepest cracks between your mind and body, leaving no fantasy untouched.


Unless you beg for me to stop. But will I?


Our session will entirely depend on my mood and on the level of your hunger. My dominance can take many forms: I can be playful, caring, nurturing or wicked. I can throw you into a sensory torture chamber of fire and ice, or I can flog you without mercy until you reach that thrilling agony of losing all control. I adore my floggers and canes, you know. But that does not mean that I will hide my paddles, pinwheels, whips and riding crops from you. My mood will change too quickly. And neither of us has anything to hide.


Whether I will send a whisper crawling across your skin when you are all tightly bound, or will give you time to breathe in the scent I have lit for the time of your vicious caning, each of my sessions is lusciously tailored to the playful and dark needs we both feel like exploring. The more twisted you show yourself to be, the more imaginative I shall get. This is the bet I always win.



All you need to do now is one more thing.



Prove to me that you are hungry enough to let go of control.

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