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Are Diamonds a Girl's Best Friend?

It was my birthday last week. A milestone numbered birthday at that! It’s not polite though to ask a lady her age and one does not divulge such information readily. This event sparked some pondering about gifts.

Everyone likes to be spoiled from time to time. Everyone. If they say they don’t, I will gladly challenge them with ease. And to be exceedingly honest, who better to spoil, pamper and show your appreciation for (also in more material form) than your Mistress?

One may say that “oh I am already paying for the session…”. Think about it though. Yes you are paying for a session. But you are also paying for the building of a relationship, and a very specialised type of service that I am delivering. Like with any type of specialist, such as a lawyer, or digital analyst, or financial advisor, you are paying for their expertise, experience and the time they put in to preparing and delivering the work. Yes my specialty it is very pleasurable, exciting, sensual and many other wonderful things, but it is work and training and expertise and ... Where this differs though from other experts, is that it is also, as I mentioned, a relationship. A very specific one, one with an extra element - where you are my submissive pet and I your Mistress or Goddess. Mistresses and Goddesses deserve, nay, require spoiling and indulging by simply the fact of their being.

Secretly, I have to admit, that privately, I am a more humble being. Very oddly enough it took me much more effort, than let’s say allowing myself to use a wonderful but plug on a deserving sub, than to allow myself to feel OK with receiving gifts just for who I am when being a Mistress. Ach the psychology of humans is full of immeasurable mysteries! In an attempt to “get over” the gift receiving guilt (remnants of a Roman Catholic upbringing), I even looked into financial domination. This is sometimes known as fin domming or being a FinDom. I found it intriguing, but haven’t truly been sure how the mechanics/practicalities of it work. Although I must say I do have quite a few ideas of how I could make it very erotically and psychologically interesting indeed! Any takers to do a little experiment ;)?

Those who have played with me know very well that I am a very demanding, precise and fussy creature. As the title of this blog-post suggests, I am NOT into diamonds though. So, I have set up a Pinterest wish list with links showing many things I love and would like. Feel free to get in touch should you have questions. I promise to update the list. I also have a paypal connected to my email, should you feel so inclined.

I always find it fascinating what you can learn through the gifts someone gives you. For example, you can learn how well they know you, whether they are thinking more of their own pleasure or the one they are gifting, how good their sense of style and taste is ... And so, if you would like to show your appreciation in a material way, oh do go ahead!

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