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She’s Got the Look

What is in an image?

Look of 2012 and 2013

If you go through all the pages on my website, you will notice that I like to change my look quite a bit. By this I don’t necessarily mean that rare occasion when I dress up for a specific scene or when I am playing a role such as a strict Head Mistress, or a sadistic Corporate CEO. I mean that, every-so-often, I get bored. For example I’ll lop off my hair into a curly bob or, like now, turn into a red head. I simply go off into a personal creative extravaganza.

This may sound inconsequential, and yet in this era of self-branding, it becomes very problematic for careers where your image and the atmosphere you create in your marketing and on your website might be the reason a person initially chooses to get in touch with you.

It’s interesting. Even though the choice of a Mistress/ Dominatrix is based on a plethora of preferences, we as humans instinctively make many of our most important assumptions and judgments on first impressions. When those impressions are via images and words on a website (especially when some of you do not carefully read what is being said – NAUGHTY) then your image and self-branding become very powerful. I feel sometimes that I am “locked” into a look. So how does one remain successful if they do not fit the requirements of how people now base their decisions on?

I don’t I have an answer.

What I am certain about though, is that I personally cannot conform to these kind of requirements. For me, the way we present ourselves through our wardrobe, hair styles, skin decorations … is an important expression of identity and mirrors where we are in our lives at that particular place in time. A significant way to remain true to ourselves. It is, hopefully, a celebration of how you would like to see yourself, no matter what that is.

I love wearing killer Dominatrix heals from time to time, when the mood grabs me. A classic Mistress staple. But often at some point in a session I like to go barefoot. Just like, If so choose, I don’t need ropes to make you stay still and obedient, similarly I don’t need heels to tower over you to show you who is in charge. Purely by my presence, a word, a look, you know who you belong to. Although pleasurable, it is not my look that you should be only obsessing about, but about how we connect – what relationship we will forge and, of course, what I will do to you.

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