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The Knife

The drag of heavy, just detectable, sharp steel across your skin – this is my recent indulgence.

Knife play is one of those seriously misunderstood types of kinks. Many, if not most, people think it means cutting someone. That is blood-play, something completely different. I have nothing against blood-play, as long as you are completely health and safety compliant*, but it is not something I do, or am interested in.

There is one thing that the two types of play have in common - “Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear”. The Mack the Knife song has the right atmosphere - it’s the fear dear and the sharpness. I like to make sure my sub can see where the knife is traveling. Even though I won’t cut, the knife is always extremely sharp and that possibility always lingers in the air. It’s a game of trust and power, the psychology of titillation, that I might just…. Look into my eyes and see the merciless pleasure that I get from you holding your breath with alarm and sweet anticipation as I run the back of the blade along your skin.

It’s such a versatile “toy” as well. The weight of a proper hunting knife and especially the piercing tip travelling from throat, down along your chest, further down across your belly and finally along your cock is exquisite.

I have also used the knife as a useful tool to scrape set wax off skin, this time with the sharp edge. Testament of the sharpness was that I managed to scrape a tiny bit of hair off around a gentleman’s nipple. No harm, but oh so much excitement.

It’s so much fun to vary the temperature of the knife itself as well, between just bearable heat and just endurable cold.

Yes, this is definitely a returning favourite.

* As with all play, but especially with toys that have even the slightest possibility of breaking the skin, properly disinfect the knife right before each use. Always try it out on yourself in a non-play space first to understand how it works, what the limits are, and how it feels. If you do slip and cut someone or yourself (hopefully very minor!) don’t panic. Just make sure you have disinfectant and plasters at hand before you start a scene.

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