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Tie me up and tie me down

Updated: May 31, 2019

It’s so so much more than just “pretty rope”, so I get very excited when someone asks me for bondage. Don’t get me wrong, shibari – the traditional Japanese school of rope bondage, is one of the most technically, aesthetically satisfying and alluring approaches to tying. But it is just that - one of many options. Each possibility has a different taste, feel, atmosphere, use.

Mmmm… my favourite

Let me then start from my utter favourite – cling film. Yes, I am very serious about this. It is so utterly enthralling. To give you an example, one of my favourite gentlemen asked for me to create a feeling of utter safety/cosiness, but at the same time he wanted to feel utter helplessness. We started with a little bit of a waking up of his skin – not too hard, but just hard enough taps with two small canes - all over the body. He then climbed on to a comfortable message table. I started cocooning him in a snug web of cling film. From chin, to toes, he was tightly enveloped as I slowly started to apply pressure to key points of his body. Using various toys like a paddle or whip over the plastic, gives a veeery pleasing sensation. It takes away some of the sting and pain, but the material makes the thud and smack ripple through all the surrounding areas of your body. With the intensification, he started writhing, but had no choice but to stay exactly where he chose to be.

Ach then there is the heat. The plastic insulates your body and doesn’t allow it to get rid of heat as easily. You get sensuously sweaty and slippery. Being a bit naughty, but also very helpful – all for his own good, I slid little pieces of ice under the tight plastic and his skin to cool him down.

I could go on, but will suffice to say, that there is nothing like the feeling, after going through all the delicious ordeals of the cocoon, to be very slowly cut out with cold sheers from the bottom of your feet, across your legs, just missing your groin, over the chest and gently stopping at your throat.

Cuff me

Something very different happened when I had a wonderful lady visit me. Yes, lady, who wanted to explore the feeling of being “jailed” and “tortured” for information. We of course established safety guards and limits before starting. For her, it was more of a balance between psychological and physical power struggle. I had her in leather wrist and ankle cuffs, at times with her own panties as a gag. Purely with my voice, the weapon of the knowledge of what she was afraid of but wanted to explore, her vulnerability in being strapped to a St Andrews Cross, completely exposed, and excruciating relentless tickles, by the end of our encounter, she was utterly spent.


And of course there is rope. It is an aaage-old tradition. I will not expound on the history, there are numerous wonderful learned books you can read on this. It is such a versatile and very tactile medium.

There are those who get very caught up in the technical side of shibari. They spend hour musing about the most beautiful and complex way to tie. But to me, it is all about the way you move, touch and work with someone’s body. I can be rough, and masochistic – grabbing, pulling yanking. I can coarsely seize your arms, push you to the ground, clutch your feet, hog tie you and do all manner of things to you.

Should you be looking for a sensuous exchange of fluid power, you could submit to my embrace you whilst I tightly slip the rope around your shoulders and slide y hads down your arms to tie your hands behind your back. You can wilt in my grip and accept being fluidly slowly swung into any position I see fit for you. It’s then all about how I grab your hair, the rope holding you…

So much more

Things that I haven’t mentioned, but are also wonderful to use: stockings, belt of a silk robe, long shoe laces (exceptionally good for cock tying!)… options options magnificent options…


Ms. A.

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