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What do I really want from a Mistress?

Updated: May 31, 2019

The plethora of inexhaustible difference between each and every person’s imagination, needs and desires, is what makes me love my work so much. Every time I meet someone new, I learn of a different aspect of what makes people tick. It’s utterly fascinating and such a pleasure. Let me give you just a little taste, 4 morsels:

The glamour

One day I may be glammed up in an emerald green dress, red lipstick and killer high heels leading a lovely 30-something on a leash. With a deep throaty voice of a chanteuse filling the air and jasmine scent wafting around us, I build-up a slow spanking. He is sternly yet calmly ordered to achieve various positions standing, sitting, lying. I carefully clip his nipples into mean little devices. And reaching for a paddle focus on his bottom … after some time, finally our sensation play culminates in a cathartic proper accurate caning.

Take me to new lands

I love being barefoot. Being just thus and in a loose summer dress, I found myself one day tying up a gentleman in his 50s. After I thoroughly bound and gagged him I set up shamanic drumbeat in the background and a woody musky scented candle ablaze. I started whispering things that he told me anger him. As he started squirming and then thrashing about and eventually working himself up into a wrath, I squeezed and pulled the bounds tighter and tighter modifying my voice. There was nothing he could do, no one he could hurt, just let go. After unbinding him, we cooled down and had a soothing deep breathing cuddle.

Play with me

Then there are the times when we are both in a hilarious and playful mood. Once with my lovely 60 year old, whom I have seen many a time, we were in the mood for dress-up and silliness. I was his severe history tutor and he my pre-teen mischievous pupil. Amongst a lot of giggling and standing in the corner, his bottom was thoroughly rouged by my hand and a slipper. He emailed me afterward that his belly hurt from laughing and he could barely sit in the cab back without wincing.

Burn away my worries

Then there was the time when someone had so much going on in their life that they just needed to switch off and let go of any responsibility. We started with him very slowly striping and kneeling naked in front of me. I put a blindfold on him. Beautiful classical music and a special calming essential oil I prepared filled the air. I had him lay down to receive a long slow fire and ice experience. After this I cocooned him in satin and gently rocked him till it was time to get dressed.

How do I know what I want?

So you see, the more you tell me what you are looking for the more I can craft a bespoke in-depth experience for us. It’s constantly surprising to me that there really aren’t any limitations on fetishes, kink and passions.

To help you get started, there are different areas you can think about before getting in touch with a Domminatrix / pro-Domme, or as I prefer to be called: a Mistress.

The deep basics:

- Are you looking for an BDSM power exchange, giving up control and being obedient?

- Is the experience you are looking for, more of a psychological or emotional high, rather than erotic session?

- Maybe you like non-erotic servitude?

- Or maybe you would like to explore ritual and non-religious, but spiritual body work? (please see what I mean by this here)

- What are your most cherished fantasies and dreams?

- What porn do you most often turn to?

The nitty gritty:

- Do you fancy taking on a role or character?

- Do you have any favourite toys: floggers, hand spanking, paddles, spoons, pinwheels, ridding crop, the cane? Or are some simply a “no go” for you?

- Do you love bondage? What kind makes you squirm and smile when you think of it? Rope, silk, cling film, leather cuffs?

- Do you like the thrill of heat and cold (wax, ice, fire…)?

- Do you like breath-play or maybe electric play (violet wand)?

The overall feel:

- When you sit down in the taxi or tube after you leave, how would you like to feel?

- What would you like to gain from our rendezvous?

The more we communicate, the more we can go wild and explore in a safe and exciting environment. There is no judgement, just our bodies and minds here and now. Take the plunge, just get in touch.


Ms. A.

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