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Whatever happened to “true slaves”?

This post is about a small very unique subgroup of submissives close to my heart. Slaves.

Slaves, for me, have always been subs that take those few steps, or even more, further into truly “serving” their Mistress. This can take on as many different forms as there are people who desire to be a slave. There are the maid-servant transdressers, the butlers, the pet play things, the slaves that bring to mind Egyptian or Roman semi-naked slaves of yore, the financial slaves (“findom pigs” although I don’t really like that term), the servant who wan to try to spoil their Goddess with gifts, and any and every possible mix of some or all of these and more…

They all have one thing in common though. A deep rooted need – a yearning - to please their Mistress beyond their own needs and desires - no matter what. Of course there is a “contract”, written or verbal, where both the slave and the Mistress can stipulate what their “no go” areas are. This contract is updated every-so-often as the need occurs. But then the rest is at the discretion, or shall I say whim and pleasure of the Dominatrix.

My personalised brand of “training” a pet/ slave is one of caprices. I keep them on their toes, with correction when necessary. TO me, you can always be a “better” slave. I love making my slaves find endless ways of pleasing me. One of many, but I must admit it’s a favourite is making my pets take “lessons”. By lessons I mean things that I want the slave to learn to better serve and please me, of course. I also mean things that I believe will help my little slave grow as a person. So in the past I have made my slaves go on mini massage courses (if you have earned the possibility to even touch my flesh, let alone caress it). Or the time one of my slaves found himself at a shibari /bondage evening workshop, that he was to take copious mental notes at to bring back new skills he would like to be used on him in the play room. Or much simpler fair, such as getting my pet to do an erotic piece of writing for me, and then have them recite it as they got a wonderful sensuous hand spanking.

I must say, I do like a “little” bit of tying up and, as one sub put it, “letting me stew in my own thoughts till I can hardly bear it any longer”. Or put you, the slave, in deliciously impossible positions both physically and mentally. On that note, I do like to give a bit of homework. Ach the torture of preparation, whilst you try to guess if how you have prepared that assignment is satisfactory.

Then there are the harsh consequences of displeasing or disappointing me. Anyone who has had the honour of receiving punishment from me, whether that is a spanking, flogging, canning, or possibly being tied up and left to your own devices, or any other form of penance, trembles at the thought.


Where in bloody hell have all the true slaves gone?! I have had the pleasure to train a few in my career as a Domme, but have not heard from any worth the name for soooo long.

In the last year or so, I have had the tedious job of reading through so many requests to serve as a slave from subs who really just want a “service” to be delivered for them, rather than truly serve a Mistress. Oh and don’t get me started on topping from the bottom. Grrr. That could be another blogpost in itself. It’s as if the “true” slaves who want to fully delve into what it is like to submit their whole being – body, soul and actions – have gone “poof” into thin air.

There is a beauty and a freedom of being led through everything you do and think to serve another. A relinquishing or responsibility and the constraints of you being you for just that brief moment that you have with your Mistress. Have the true connoisseur of this experience and art really gone extinct?


Ms. A.

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