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Coach for couples
in all things kink

Ladies who would like to explore their more dominant side, Gentlemen who's ladies yearn for a stronger touch, those who need a bit more guidance or to refresh your skills and for all the curious and brave. 


As an experienced and patient Mistress, I offer thorough, safe and sensuous BDSM coaching sessions for couples and singles alike. I am fully LGBTTQQIAAP friendly.


All my training sessions are customised to your specific wishes and before starting, we will discuss your needs and interests, so that nothing gets forgotten while we are having fun.

Most importantly, I help you investigate the psychology and how to bring your arousing thoughts to life. 


From the practical, I can teach you techniques that include:

- impact play (floggers, paddles, canes, riding crops...)

- submission & dominance (power play)

- role playing

- fire & wax play​

- sensation play (from feathers, to scratching, to clothes pegs) and many others… your imagination is the limit)

- basic bondage

- ritual sexuality

This list is not exhaustive and can be customised to your specific areas of interest.*

You can choose from lessons of different lengths from 2hrs up to a weekend session. All pricing is the same as for Mistress sessions.

Please go here for prices and booking

*Please note, I do not teach piercing, cutting, or "messy" play (e.g. golden showers). I may instruct in penetration, but do not demonstrate or offer it myself. 

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